Monocrystalline solar panel for your home

Polycrystalline solar panels were some of the first photovoltaic (PV) cells to be used. These silicon based panels have been in use since the early 1980s. They are inexpensive due to how these types of solar panels are manufactured. Many homeowners who have a lot of space and receive ample sunlight may choose these types […]

Different types of solar inverters

The Importance of Your Solar Inverter Solar panels are the main part of a solar system that people generally think of when they are considering solar energy. As you learn more, it becomes apparent that the panels need other hardware and implements to make them usable. In any solar energy system, there are several parts […]

Types of solar batteries

Solar batteries come with several benefits, like backup power during an emergency and saving cash on electricity bills. When shopping for one, you have to take into consideration certain things. For instance, the type of battery you want and how you want to benefit from it. So what are the different types of solar batteries […]


Best solar panels installation services in Perth

Northern Perth Electrical provides some of the most premier rooftop solar panels installation services in Australia. We specialize in energy-saving solutions that power your house without impacting the environment or your budget.  Additionally, our experts design each solar panel and battery from scratch and install them according to your specifications. That’s because we’re invested in […]

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How solar energy will save our bodies of water

Solar is without a doubt, the greatest abundant source of energy available on Earth. So, capturing the energy of the sun and transforming it into electricity is the ideal solution for reducing the Earth’s dependence on fossil fuels and to help fight the current climate crisis. The sun is basically a natural nuclear reactor that […]

Solar Panel Brands

Different types of solar panels

When searching to save money by maximizing the energy efficiency of your home, installing solar panels is a great idea. Having been used in big companies for years now, small businesses are finding themselves warming up to solar panels. This is because you can save quite a bit of money in the long haul, even though solar panels […]

Solar panels in commercial buildings

With energy and fuel prices being on the rise over the past few years, many people seek alternative methods of powering their homes and businesses. Initially, big companies were the only ones making the shift to solar panels. However, there has been a shift of dynamics where small businesses are taking solar and wind power, […]


How can we use solar energy in our daily life

We are all aware that our natural resources, such as petroleum, coal, and others, would be depleted at some point. As a result, the most significant challenge we all have is conserving these natural resources. One of the ways to do this is through power conservation using solutions such as solar energy, which is both […]

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Myths and facts about solar energy

As the world’s population has been growing rapidly over the years, the demand for efficient, cost-effective, reliable, and everlasting renewable sources of energy has also been increasing exponentially. Solar energy, among other renewable sources of energy, has been a promising way of meeting the ever-increasing energy demand. It has been used worldwide to sustain the […]


How solar hot water system saves energy and money

When most people hear the words solar energy, they generally think about the solar panels installed on the roof and used for power generation. But, solar energy isn’t only used to help generate electricity; it can also be used to heat water. The sun is a large, never-ending energy source and solar energy is good […]