Solar Panels Perth

By Northern Perth Electrical

Solar Panels Perth


We've been helping the homeowners of Perth save thousands on their electricity bill for years.

Solar Panels Perth


We've been consulting for the businesses of Perth for years and helping them find the best way of saving money and reducing their carbon footprint.

Solar Penals Perth

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Northern Perth Electrical supplies and installs solar panel and battery solutions across  Perth and regional Western Australia. We Design and install each solar or battery system to the client’s specific requirements.

A solar and or a Battery installation can reduce or eliminate your electrical bills.

We will help you understand how it will benefit you.

If you select Northern Perth Electrical to be part of your greener tomorrow you will be rewarded with lower power costs, increased carbon offset and an installation to be proud of.

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We've built up a reputation over the years of honesty, integrity, and quality. See below to see some of the reasons why people have been choosing Northern Perth Electrical for over 20 years.

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Sean Clarke

Outstanding and meticulous workmanship every time no matter the job.

Anne McCabe

I made the decision to install solar panels some time back.
The Northern Perth Electrical team showed courtesy and professionalism when explaining and installing the system and the returns continue to be great.

Travis Castledine

Provided great advice and planning in selecting the optimal solar setup for my townhouse in Butler, and performed the installation in a professional manner from start to finish. Cannot recommend highly enough.

K Gaming

The electrician sent out to install our solar panels on the roof was very efficient and the job he did for us was of a very high standard.
in the process of installation he took great care to minimize any disturbance and disruption to the surrounding area and to ourselves.
His cleanup during the process was also very considerable.
I would highly recommend Northern Perth Electrical for any future electrical work.

Our Benefits


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