Battery Brands


There is an ever increasing range of batteries on the market. Due to the rapid changes in pricing technology there is huge differences in warranty, battery chemistry and price per kWh

Some great questions to ask your potential battery retailer are:

What is my cost per kWh ?

Is that usable kWh or is that the total battery capacity ?

What is the warranty length ?

Can i add more capacity (kWh) in the future ?

What kind of service and support can i expect from the Manufacturer?

With the current residential and small commercial lithium Ion batteries on the market, the battery that is currently considered by many in the industry to be best available is the Fronius Battery.

The Fronius battery is approximately double the cost of other batteries. This is because they are not a battery manufacturer and the cells are provided from an outside manufacturer of high end batteries (Sony). This partnership has created possibly the best battery, backed up with what we consider to be The best product service and support available in the industry

Fronius have stated that they have no interest in manufacturing batteries themselves and intend to continue with the current partnership with Sony for the foreseeable future

For More competitively priced batteries we recommend those Manufactured by LG Chem BYD and Sonnen

We also supply and install Enphase batteries


Fronius is one of the worlds leading brands of solar equipment big name solar brands that is still manufactured in Europe (Austria).


The current range of BYD batteries on the market have only been there a few years but this chinese manufacturer BYD has been installing lithium batteries in australia for ~ 7 years


Enphase, Founded in 2006 in The United States of America they are now the sixth largest inverter manufacturer in the world

They offer batteries in 2kWh modules you can connect as many as required as they are AC coupled


Germany’s number one lithium-storage system manufacturer. Established in 2007, Sonnen works with an aim to help the world progress to energy sources free from carbon-based emissions within the next decade.

LG Chem

LG Chem a South Korean company offers one of the best and most popular lithium ion solar home batteries. It uses one of the safest Lithium ion battery technologies available and is a well established brand in australia

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