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How to Choose the Right System

There are a huge range of solar panels on the market. We have selected our preferred brands due to their Excellence in quality and product support.

That being said there are many other great panels on the market that we will and have already installed,.

So if you have a specific brand in mind let us know and we will tailor a quote to suit you

​Of The four components of great solar system

  1. Inverter
  2. Solar Panels
  3. Mounting System
  4. Installation Team

​Your decision on which solar panels to choose is unique, this is Because the best solar panel for production figures might not be the best on a cost/return basis.

Also the production forecast for the first year might not accurately reflect the performance over a longer time period .

​It helps to first look at your time frame, are you only planning on occupying your residence or place of business for 5, 10 or 20 years?

​When selecting the solar modules based on their performance there are factors you must consider:

The Power temperature coefficient – All solar panels loose performance as the temperature rises The figure Given on the downloadable PDF documents will give this information which is usually less than 1% per degree Celsius e.g. “0.29%per degree Celsius” the lower this figure is the better the panels perform on hotter days.

​The Product Warranty of the solar panels which starts from the industry standard of 10 years right up to 25 years .

​The Performance warranty – This outlines the degradation of panels over the years and sometimes guarantees performance exceeding that of the wattage of the panel such as the Sunpower solar modules that guarantee 8-9% above what other manufacturers produce per watt in the first year all the way to 35% after 25 years

By looking into these performance warranty’s in more detail it can become apparent that two systems that look the same at first glance can have vastly different production figures over a specified time frame.

​At Northern Perth Electrical we will endeavor to help you choose the products that best suit your requirements and design a system that you can be proud of.

Solar Panel Brands
Solar Panels
Solar Panel Brands
Solar Panel Brands
Solar Panel Brands
Solar Panel Brands
Solar Panel Brands
Solar Panel Brands
Solar Panel Brands

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