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Solar Panels

Different types of solar inverters

The Importance of Your Solar Inverter

Solar panels are the main part of a solar system that people generally think of when they are considering solar energy. As you learn more, it becomes apparent that the panels need other hardware and implements to make them usable. In any solar energy system, there are several parts that are important and necessary. The inverter is a crucial core component that takes the energy that is captured through the sun and panels then converts it to usable electricity to power appliances and lighting in your home. If your inverter is faulty, old, or in need of maintenance, it will affect the functioning of your photovoltaic (PV) set up. A best solar inverters buying guide makes it easier to locate what you need.

Different Types of Inverters

  • Micro inverters – This type of inverter offers higher performance due to how it operates. A small micro inverter is connected on site to each individual solar panel. This offers benefits that a string inverter may not have including more control over the system. The impact of shading is leveled with micro inverters and monitoring is aided with the decentralized design. Problems with a single panel can be minimized with micro inverters, so energy conversion is less impacted. There are some things to consider with this type of inverter. If it is damaged and needs repairs, it can be more difficult because the inverter is on the roof or surface with the panel. Another drawback is cost. A micro inverter system can offer more performance, at a higher cost. This may be a point to consider if you plan on implementing a large system.
  • String Inverter – A string inverter is a popular standard option for smaller home setups. It is cost-efficient and relatively easy to install. Maintenance of these types of inverters is often easier because they are centralized in the home. The string inverter works by “stringing” together several panels and relaying the collected solar energy to a centralized inverter. The inverter is typically located in an easy-to-access place in the home like the garage or basement. String inverters are favored for their cost and ease, but do have some cons to consider. Larger systems that are complex may not benefit as much from a string inverter as smaller ones. String inverters are a standard choice for smaller setups. Another factor is loss of power from shading. Since the panels are all connected, if shading occurs in one area, overall energy conversion decreases. Micro inverters and power optimizers are options to mitigate the effects of shaded panels.
  • String Inverter Plus Power Optimizer – This kind of inverter can work like both a micro inverter and string inverter. It is often coupled with a string inverter for increased performance. Power optimizers are connected to individual solar panels much like micro inverters, but they still use a centralized system to send energy to. A benefit of power optimizers are they mitigate shading in particular panels like a micro inverter to improve system output. Maintaining them can take more time and cost much like micro inverters.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Inverter

It is important to consider where your solar energy system will be used. If you have a home that has a complicated roof with sharp peaks, chimneys, or tight spaces, this will affect the kind of system you can use. Micro inverters may be a better choice for buildings that receive partial shade and have complicated designs. Whereas string inverters may work best in a home that gets plenty of direct sunlight and is designed with an uncomplicated roof. It really depends on what your goals and budget are. Certain systems will make more sense

Speaking with people in the industry who are knowledgeable about solar energy can help you make a more informed choice if you are buying an inverter. They can often offer advice about your design plans to help you get the most from your solar energy system. 

Benefits of Living in a Sunny Climate

While solar panels can be used just about anywhere, a more southern climate will offer more sun. Australia is a fantastic place to use solar power. If you need the best solar inverters in Perth, there are companies who specialize in solar services. It is worth looking into the best solar inverters buying guide to learn about the range of solar inverters available. There are many high quality products to choose from and finding the right system should be easy with what is currently available in the solar inverter market. Check out a Best solar inverters buying guide as soon as possible so you can get started with this process.