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Solar Panels Perth

How Efficient are Commercial Solar Panels

When installing solar panels on your property, you want to know what to expect. One of the things that property owners are concerned about is solar panel efficiency. Most people are drawn to solar energy due to the prospect of saving on electricity bills. On the other hand, the initial investment can make one question whether to get them. That is why you first need to understand the benefits of solar panels and the efficiency of the panels you are choosing.

Solar Panel Efficiency

The efficiency of a solar panel is measured by its ability to convert sunlight to electricity. To understand how efficient a solar panel can be, one has to factor in other determinants like its configuration, components, composition, and technology. Most solar cells use photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight to usable electrical currents. Multiple cells are combined to form a panel, and the panels are arranged, forming a system that helps generate electricity for a home. To get the most out of solar power, you have to install the most efficient solar panels.

Currently, most solar panels provide an efficiency between 17-19%, with some even reaching 25%.  That is the percentage of solar energy being converted to usable electricity. It is also quite an improvement if you factor in that most panels were at 11% efficiency about a decade ago. Besides, scientific research in solar energy technology has been ongoing to improve solar panel efficiency. Today, researchers have achieved a 40% efficiency using multi-junction cells tuned to capture various light frequencies on the electromagnetic spectrum. Despite these being the most efficient solar panels, they are yet to be availed to the public.

Factors That Can Affect Solar Efficiency

Even with technological improvement, there are still certain factors that influence the efficiency of commercial solar panels. That is why you need a professional to inspect the location and design of the building before installation. Some of the factors contributing to efficiency are as mentioned below.

Climate and Geography

When installing solar panels, one has to consider things like climate, latitude, and orientation since they all play a part in the output. For instance, regions close to the equator receive a lot of solar energy because of the sun’s angle and orientation. Generally, the further you move from the equator, the lower the solar energy received.

Roof Pitch

The slope of the roof determines the amount of sunlight hitting the panels. That is why proper installation is needed to capture the maximum amount of the sun.


Solar panels are not supposed to be under any form or shade, whether partial or total. This affects efficiency and can even lead to zero output. Panels are often connected in a series, which means even when one panel is slightly shaded, the overall energy production will be reduced. Solar panels need to be installed where there are no shadows.


Once you install power panels, do not just ignore them. Most panels are solid and durable, but you have to take good there of them for efficiency. Things like dust, debris, and damage can reduce efficiency. Schedule routine maintenance to get the most out of your panels.


Temperature also affects the output of a solar panel. High temperatures can reduce the efficiency of a panel, but when the temperatures drop, efficiency increases.

Why is Solar Efficiency Important?

A higher efficiency panel comes with increased total energy output during its lifetime. Also, an efficient solar cell produces more usable energy for longer hours, especially in the morning and evening when light intensity is low. Less efficient solar panels will struggle to do this, which is why you need to choose the most efficient solar panels you can find on the market. You will enjoy consistent energy output throughout the day. Also, when you consider the initial investment cost of solar panels, something efficient will pay itself back quickly. Once you understand why efficiency in commercial solar panels is essential, you can make an informed decision when buying solar products. At the end of the day, you have to choose a setup that will comfortably meet your energy needs.

Now that you understand why efficiency matters, aim for the most efficient solar panels to enjoy maximum benefits. If you are looking to switch to solar energy, reach out to Solar Panels Perth. We can access your energy needs and help determine the right solar panels for your property.